Teachers learn how leading practices can be applied in their context. Workshops focus on building content knowledge and immersing teachers in what student-centered instruction looks and feels like.

Finding solutions through collaboration and opportunity

Collaborative education spaces typically don’t exist in our partner countries. Just like us, many teachers have only experienced math lessons as lectures. In our workshops, global experts deliver sessions and content in ways the teachers have rarely experienced before, providing alternative ways of understanding and solving tasks.

At our conferences, large groups of teachers learn about new ways to empower their students as critical thinkers. Teachers often work in teams—proposing ideas, testing them, and debating their outcomes to reach solutions. They are given opportunities to approach math tasks with curiosity, reexamining previous knowledge and gaining new ways of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Conferences also provide a platform for graduates of our programs to demonstrate their leadership skills. They design and facilitate workshops for their peers, often in partnership with experts.

Invest in teachers today.

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