Girls STEM Club

This after-school program develops the skills girls need to be active problem solvers in the real world. As they work with our coaches, the girls’ teachers build content knowledge, instructional methods, and leadership.

Creating a safe place for girls to accelerate in STEM

Across the globe, girls typically enter STEM fields at a lower rate than boys. Many factors are at play, such as implicit gender bias, teachers’ math anxiety, overreliance on standardized assessments, and formative ideas about who is a STEM professional. Whatever holds them back, girls are locked out of achieving their full potential.

During this weekly club, girls in elementary grades tackle real-world math problems while learning about careers in STEM. They become critical thinkers who can envision themselves in diverse occupations.

Sustainable change is created by coaching the girls’ teachers as they lead the club. Teachers begin to make an impact that extends beyond the club, ultimately reaching all of their students.

Invest in teachers today.

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