Master Classes

Our intensive, on-site sessions support the application of evidence-based teaching concepts in the classroom with students. They are customized to the needs of a specific school to achieve deeper learning.

Building knowledge through collective learning

Professional development frequently operates with a one-and-done model where teachers aren’t allowed to choose what they learn. Training is often presented without support or time for implementation. As a result, new practices are introduced but not ultimately adopted.

Master Classes address these deficiencies by honoring teachers’ ability to direct their own learning. We design training sessions after we’ve received teachers’ suggestions for what content most interests them. Once topics have been established, we deliver intensive coaching on math content and pedagogy.

To support classroom implementation, expert coaches observe lessons, provide feedback, and work with the full team of teachers. Coaches are local Mathkind staff or global experts who demonstrate an affinity for our Principles of Effective Teaching.

Master Classes help us give support that is relevant to what local teachers want and need. Their educational goals guide the collaboration. At the same time, the emerging conversations relate to best practices in global education.

Invest in teachers today.

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