Teacher Trips

US-based classroom teachers travel abroad and receive high-quality professional development together with local teachers at our partner schools. This mutual exchange creates global teaching perspectives and advances instructional strategies.

Building global teaching perspectives together

As the world becomes more interconnected, teachers everywhere are being encouraged to incorporate global topics into their lessons. School administrations recognize the need to prepare their students to be ready to live, work, and contribute in a globalized society.

Our Teacher Trips are one-week cultural and classroom collaborations. Visiting educators, typically classroom teachers from the US, travel abroad and are paired with colleagues at a local school. Visiting teachers receive high-quality professional development alongside local teachers from our ongoing programs, collaborating on lesson plans, coteaching in the classroom, and even earning continuing education credits.

Learning side-by-side creates a collaborative cultural exchange that supports a more global teaching perspective. An expert educator from our network leads the trip, which means visiting teachers not only experience a different culture but also have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge math education.

Invest in teachers today.

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