Our Team

Meet the brilliant people who make up our dedicated and fearless team.


Director of Education, Ecuador

Global Director of Operations

Operations Manager, Guatemala

Executive Director

Math Coach, Ecuador

Education Program Specialist, Guatemala

Development Manager

Math Coach, Guatemala


Board Vice President, Real Estate and Private Equity Investor

Aerospace Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Board President, Past President of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Former Executive Director of Mathkind

Director of Business Development for Worldwide Strategic Alliances at Lenovo

Marketing Strategist

Strategy and Operations Consultant

Board Secretary, Mathkind Cofounder and Brand Director

Executive Director of The Young People’s Project

Senior Physician Executive 

Mathematics Educator at Carrboro High School, NC

Chief Executive Officer at Participate, Inc

Board Past President and Mathematics Educator in Colombia

Board Treasurer, Former Executive Vice President at Mathkind

Mathematics Education and Publishing Consultant


Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Education at the University of Louisville

Executive Director of the California Mathematics Project

Professor Emerita of Mathematics Education at North Carolina State University

Professor of Childhood Mathematics Education at CUNY-Brooklyn College

Mathematics Curriculum Developer

Assistant Superintendent at Troy, Illinois, School District

Professor of Mathematics Education at Central Connecticut State University

Board Chair, Principal Researcher at the American Institutes for Research

Founder of Looney Math Consulting

Founder of ¡Aja! Parque de la Ciencia

Author and Senior Content Manager at the Math Learning Center

Professor of Mathematics Education at Rutgers University-Newark

President of the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education

Vice President of the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education