The pandemic has left students behind in their learning

The losses from pandemic-related school closures in Latin America are staggering. Studies have estimated that student learning may take more than a decade to recover.

Researchers and education stakeholders are engaging in a global conversation about how to best serve students by:

  • prioritizing and meeting students’ needs
  • facilitating a smooth transition for students who had little or no access to virtual learning

Many of our partner teachers are left out of the spaces where solutions surface. If their voices aren’t heard, their students face even greater challenges in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Our conferences demonstrate best practices in math education  

At conferences, teachers learn how research-based strategies can be applied in their contexts. Workshops focus on building content knowledge while immersing teachers in what student-centered instruction looks and feels like.

Conferences also provide a platform for graduates of our programs to demonstrate leadership. They design and facilitate workshops for their peers, often in partnership with experts.

Conferences create places for educators to:

  • join local and global networks of fellow educators
  • learn about innovative best practices in math education
  • participate in global conversations that directly impact their students
  • practice their leadership skills
  • contribute to the professionalism of teaching as a career


Teachers find the support they want and need

Surveys consistently reveal that our conferences meet teachers’ needs. After our 2021 virtual conference in Guatemala, 99% of respondents indicated that they are interested in participating again.

Results are similar in Ecuador. In 2021, over 1,300 educators with a reach of over 70,000 students signed up to participate in our virtual math conference, demonstrating a strong desire for professional development.

Afterwards, 94% of respondents reported wanting to enroll in future conferences. One educator commented,

“It is wonderful to have spaces to debate and share knowledge, experience, and beliefs. I believe in collaborative work and that the best ideas come from there.”

Invest in teachers today.