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Girls STEM Club


Girls are held back from reaching their full potential

Studies have repeatedly shown that investing in girls’ education transforms communities, countries, and the entire world. Girls who attend school are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives. They earn higher incomes, participate in decision-making, and build better futures for themselves and their families.

In Ecuador, 71% of students do not develop the math skills necessary to be an engaged member of society. Girls score almost an entire academic year behind their male classmates.

In Guatemala, the data tells a similar story: 89% of students do not reach a basic level of math proficiency. Girls’ scores lag behind those of boys. 


Our club creates a safe place for girls to accelerate in STEM

Our Girls STEM Clubs provide direct intervention to girls who are at risk of being left out of quality mathematics education. Through guest speakers and field trips, the clubs also build bridges between students’ schools and their surrounding communities.

In our clubs, girls have opportunities to see themselves as the mathematicians of today and the future. They explore math in: 

  • their communities
  • their daily lives
  • possible careers

While creating safe learning spaces for girls, we also support their teachers. Club leaders can try out new strategies in an environment that doesn’t have the pressures of their everyday classrooms and traditional school expectations. 


Girls become mathematicians while teachers develop leadership

“I love the math games because we get to learn in a fun way. I can see that there’s math in everything.”

“When we work in groups to solve problems together, we can share ideas. I like that it’s just girls.”

Francisca, one of the club leaders and a first-grade teacher, is a graduate of the school that houses our Girls STEM Club. She used her stipend to help pay for advanced education. Now she is the first graduate and only teacher on staff to have earned a master’s degree. Her colleagues are so proud of all she has accomplished and what she represents for the local community.

Invest in teachers today.