Message from Ali Jones

To the Mathkind Community,

With much thoughtful consideration and bittersweet emotion, I’ve decided to step aside as Executive Director at Mathkind Global. I remain deeply committed to our mission of building quality math education programs through collaborative partnerships that drive greater social justice. However, I’ve reached a new understanding of my leadership in the Mathkind movement. It’s time for me to shift into different ways of partnering with you, our community of supporters. 

It has been both an honor and a privilege to lead Mathkind during such a singular time in the world’s history.  When I entered this role in December 2019, my primary objective was to develop a clear framework of operations that would protect the quality of our work over time. In collaboration with our team and members of our community, this framework has been achieved. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

During the first two months of 2020, just before the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, Mathkind’s team refined a mission and set of values that steered us through the ensuing turbulent times. Since then, we have continued to place these values of collaboration, integrity, and possibility at the center of our work in order to secure a strong foundation for the future.

For example, we collaborated with our network of experts to build Mathkind’s Principles of Effective Teaching, which now ground all aspects of our programs. These principles are evidence-based and practical enough for use in any classroom. They also protect the integrity of the work being done around the world by setting out common guidelines that are universal to the Mathkind approach to teaching mathematics.

Another step forward was the development of a five-year operating plan that will transform what we believe is possible into concrete realities. To meet the global need for Mathkind’s programs, we needed to establish a clear direction for long-term, quality growth.

These examples represent just two of the many pillars that have been put in place during my tenure. As I step away from day-to-day leadership, I feel confident that each one will act as a stabilizing force for the future.

Something I treasure about Mathkind is our approach to partnership. We value each new partnership as an opportunity to enter into a unique story. Until we’ve deeply listened to a partner’s history, challenges, and dreams, we can’t know exactly how a collaboration can strengthen their math teaching. The power of our solutions stems from valuing differences—honoring the past while acknowledging the present as together we chart the future.

Having formed a part of Mathkind’s history, I’m excited to introduce you to a new member of its future. After a lengthy search process that screened 133 applicants, Kim Glenn will become Executive Director effective November 1. Kim brings a wealth of experience from her career in educational nonprofits. We’ll share more information about her soon and are arranging opportunities for you to get to know her.

I plan to work closely with Kim as a thought partner to create a smooth transition. My first six months as part of the Mathkind community was as a volunteer, so I’m revisiting familiar territory. There is so much power in partnership, and there is still so much work to be done.

Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me and for your continued support of Mathkind.

With gratitude,



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