Teacher Trips

Our Teacher Trips are one-week cultural and classroom collaborations. Teachers from the US travel abroad and are paired with colleagues at a local school. Learning side-by-side creates a cultural exchange that supports global perspectives. An expert educator from our network typically leads the trip, which means visiting teachers have the opportunity to experience cutting-edge math instruction.

Typical Itinerary

Each trip is its own unique experience, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll connect with the local culture. Whether it’s the Ecuadorian rainforest or colonial Guatemala, you’ll be immersed in each destination and learn from its people firsthand. Trips may include:

culture-based exploration to gain an in-depth understanding of the region

excursions that immerse you in the local context

workshops focused on shared educational goals to prepare for the week in the school

observation and co-teaching in your partner’s classroom

one-on-one collaboration and group professional development workshops

an end-of-the-week celebration to toast your new friendships and reflect on your experience

Hear from past program participants

Beatriz Quintos | Education Professor

“Together we imagined new ways of teaching, a different learning experience than most of us had. Anyone making this shift alone faces an insurmountable task; however, as a community, we felt empowered.”

Matt Enderle | Teacher

“The educators I was able to work with for the week were incredible, and I learned so much by working alongside them. Throughout the week, I was able to grow as an educator. It is exciting to think about what could be accomplished through this program, especially after seeing the enthusiasm from the local teachers in just one week.”

Terry Goodman | Professor

“Having worked with teachers for many years, I can say that my Mathkind experience was one of the most meaningful I have had. It was so refreshing to work with the Guatemalan teachers who were enthusiastic and eager to learn. Partnering with the teachers there gave me an opportunity to learn from them – I loved it!”

Alice Cook | Education Coach

“I really valued this amazing opportunity to work with the teachers in Santa Cruz, and all of the facilitators. I feel like I made some very valuable connections, and met many mentors as well!”

Jim Barta | Education Professor

“These trips allowed me to ‘walk my talk’. It is one thing to talk about diversity and helping open further access to students. It is another to be the one working with teachers to collaborate on change and implementation. These trips allowed me to reflect on not only my profession and practice but also on what some children and teachers face just to put a foot in a school.”

Krista Holstein | Math Teacher

“My students and I all realize that service is important, but my experience helped me realize that service can come in many forms. In particular, it’s important to think about what others actually need, not what I think they need. I’m hoping to talk with my students about what service they’re doing and how that is impacting others. In addition, I am planning to incorporate some projects into my classes where the students think about how math is used in the lives of people in developing countries.”

Tracy Jones | Teacher

“I had the most amazing experience of my teaching career in Guatemala with Mathkind! I wish I was on the way now, but I know I will return. The people I met, especially my translators, changed my life forever!”

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