Social Justice Questions

Argentina | Nordelta

For a wealthy suburb, the capybara population presents perrplexing problems.

United States | New York

The orderly layout of New York City's streets makes getting around easy.


A large number of classic cars from the US shows the resourcefulness of Cubans.

United States | NC | Chapel Hill

Jump rope is a competitive sport whose variety of forms take practice to master.

Italy | Venice

Standing on millions of tree trunks, the city faces threats to its existence.


Climate change has forced land reclamation projects that harm marine ecosystems.


Along with fishing and farming, the Luo culture values marriage and family.


Everyone joins together one Saturday per month to do community service projects.


Goats climb trees in search of Argan fruit. The leftovers become profitable oil.


One of the world's longest trains carries ore across the desert to the coast.


A national park invites hikers to enjoy its scenery and explore its cave.

Costa Rica | Ujarrás

The magical ruins of a countryside church suggest it has a mysterious past.

Guatemala | Chichicastenango

A gigantic market is the center of community life and drives the local economy.

Guatemala | Chicabal

This scenic lagoon is at the center of a Maya legend about protection animals.

Guatemala | Santa Avelina

Families grow plenty of food for themselves and their neighbors in home gardens.


Reindeer pull skiers in races that provide cool entertainment during the winter.

United States | Massachusetts

Valentine's Day wouldn't be the same without the sayings on Sweethearts candy.

Indonesia | Adonara | Marriage

A marriage tradition on this island is a gift of antique elephant tusks.

Spain | Segovia

view of the aqueduct An ancient Roman aqueduct transported water to this town. Now it brings history.


Humans destroyed and then resurrected the world's fourth largest inland lake.

Bangladesh | Chittagong

Breaking up large ships for recycling and resale is a dangerous job for workers.

United Arab Emirates

The world's tallest building has much more to recommend it than just height.

United States | Florida

Watch out for peacocks if you come to this town in Florida. They're everywhere.

China | Mutianyu

The Great Wall of China was built as protection from northern invading forces.