United States | South Carolina

United Arab Emirates

The world's tallest building has much more to recommend it than just height.

United States | NC | Mt Olive

India | Ghaziabad

Going on a picnic with your friends turns into an adventure when tigers show up.

United States | Michigan


India | Kolkata

All those shards of clay in the street come from people drinking their chai.

United States | Florida

Watch out for peacocks if you come to this town in Florida. They're everywhere.

China | Mutianyu

The Great Wall of China was built as protection from northern invading forces.

Canada | Ontario

Curling is popular both as a winter sport on ice and as a social occasion.

Peru | Pampas

Papua New Guinea

The Kombai build their homes high up in the trees, many feet off of the ground.

Philippines | Pasig

Jollibee is a restaurant chain that has expanded beyond its original borders.


A meteor crashed into the earth and created a crater full of impact diamonds.

Gal√°pagos Islands

Every evening, a busy street transforms itself into an open-air restaurant.


Finding transportation in a bustling city usually requires sharing a ride.

Sri Lanka

stilt fisherman in Sri Lanka Local fishermen perch on crossed sticks to catch seafood for their families.

United Kingdom | Scotland

The Highland Games are in many locations to honor Scotland's cultural heritage.

Philippines | Sulu Sea

The Bajau people live, work, and raise their families entirely on the water.

Bangladesh | Sundarbans

Hunting for honey is a profitable business as long as you can avoid tigers.

Ecuador | Otonga Nature Reserve


Chocolate has a long history as a hot beverage before it became a sweet treat.

China | Xinjiang

A large province in northwest China has a diverse culture and beautiful scenery.

Saudi Arabia

The purpose of ancient rock formations in the desert isn't entirely understood.