Learning Activities


Climate change has forced land reclamation projects that harm marine ecosystems.


Goats climb trees in search of Argan fruit. The leftovers become profitable oil.

Australia | Perth

Australia has built cross-country fences to control overpopulation of rabbits.

Costa Rica | Ujarrás

The magical ruins of a countryside church suggest it has a mysterious past.

Guatemala | Santa Avelina

Families grow plenty of food for themselves and their neighbors in home gardens.


Reindeer pull skiers in races that provide cool entertainment during the winter.

Indonesia | Adonara | Marriage

A marriage tradition on this island is a gift of antique elephant tusks.

Spain | Segovia

view of the aqueduct An ancient Roman aqueduct transported water to this town. Now it brings history.

Canada | Quebec | Poutine

A combination of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy creates a delicious dish.

Bangladesh | Chittagong

Breaking up large ships for recycling and resale is a dangerous job for workers.

India | Ghaziabad

Going on a picnic with your friends turns into an adventure when tigers show up.

India | Kolkata

All those shards of clay in the street come from people drinking their chai.

Canada | Ontario

Curling is popular both as a winter sport on ice and as a social occasion.

Papua New Guinea

The Kombai build their homes high up in the trees, many feet off of the ground.

Philippines | Pasig

Jollibee is a restaurant chain that has expanded beyond its original borders.

Galápagos Islands

Every evening, a busy street transforms itself into an open-air restaurant.

Sri Lanka

stilt fisherman in Sri Lanka Local fishermen perch on crossed sticks to catch seafood for their families.

United Kingdom | Scotland

The Highland Games are in many locations to honor Scotland's cultural heritage.

Bangladesh | Sundarbans

Hunting for honey is a profitable business as long as you can avoid tigers.

Saudi Arabia

The purpose of ancient rock formations in the desert isn't entirely understood.


When termites start to consume a Mofu house, army ants come to the rescue.

United States | California

The world's tallest trees live for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

Spain | Pamplona

Fireworks, large puppets, and the running of the bulls are part of a festival.

Penguin Islands

Penguins don't always live in the cold. This species thrives in warm climates.