Climate change has forced land reclamation projects that harm marine ecosystems.


Goats climb trees in search of Argan fruit. The leftovers become profitable oil.

Australia | Perth

Australia has built cross-country fences to control overpopulation of rabbits.


Reindeer pull skiers in races that provide cool entertainment during the winter.

Spain | Segovia

view of the aqueduct An ancient Roman aqueduct transported water to this town. Now it brings history.

Papua New Guinea

The Kombai build their homes high up in the trees, many feet off of the ground.

Sri Lanka

stilt fisherman in Sri Lanka Local fishermen perch on crossed sticks to catch seafood for their families.

United Kingdom | Scotland

The Highland Games are in many locations to honor Scotland's cultural heritage.

Bangladesh | Sundarbans

Hunting for honey is a profitable business as long as you can avoid tigers.


When termites start to consume a Mofu house, army ants come to the rescue.


This 7.8-mile cable car takes passengers on a ride to the top of a mountain.

Peru | Machu Picchu

view of Machu Picchu from nearby mountain The Inca's ingenious creativity can be seen in architecture and record-keeping.